Handling Charges

$3 (X) per carton will apply to all orders.

Cost per pallet for handling Truck Shipments - $10 (X)


Be aware that freight carriers charge us for address changes caused by incorrect information on purchase orders. Any fees we incur will be invoiced to the distributor after we are notified.


UPS and Federal Express packages are insured up to $100 per package. Should it be necessary to insure a package for more to cover the cost of customer supplied inserts, please advise value required. Should assembled boxes with inserts be shipped Truck Freight, please advise if you would like shipment insured and and at what price. 

Individual Shipments

The Chest will handle your fulfillment of your submitted merchandise. Please provide address list in an approved Excel format. All customer supplied insert items remaining after the completion of the order will be shipped to the distributor via ground shipment unless otherwise noted on the purchase order. 

Once the initial shipment has left, The Chest will hold the balance of completed product for 30 days. Any specific release charges will apply as quoted. After the first month, there will be warehousing charges applied of $100 per skid. After 30 days, the shipment will be shipped to distributor unless an address is provided. 

International Shipments

$25 (G) handling charge per order is required. When shipping individually by UPS Postal Service or other method, additional packaging or handling may be required. Check with factory for costs.

Each country has different laws and regulations about buying products from other countries. Please be sure of the local customs laws concerning the shipment of products you have selected.  It is the Distributor’s responsibility to know what is legal in the destinations that you have given us.The Chest cannot be held responsible or accountable for any taxes, duties, tariffs, quarantine fees, or package warehousing fees assessed by your local customs office. These charges are separate from your shipping charge, and will be billed directly from them.  The Chest cannot be held responsible for any delays, additional costs, fines, or delays in delivery.

Individual Mailing

The Chest is equipped with approved postal software to handle your mailings efficiently and priced competitively. Handling costs are based on quantity and type of mailing. Call factory for price quote. Addresses must be provided electronically in an Excel format to sales@chestinc.com. Please call factory for example of approved format. Any reformatting of list required at factory will incur an additional charge. Actual postage costs must be prepaid. In the situation of customer provided inserts, exact postage costs cannot be quoted until all inserts and mailing list have arrived at factory.

The Chest does recognize that the USPS does provide a competitive price with package tracking available.  The Chest cannot be held responsible for the tracking and delivery provided by USPS.

Send the mailing information to us and we can apply labels, presort and deliver to the post office or customize your product by using our variable printing process. Call factory for pricing.

  • Call factory for quote to handle your mailing.
  • International mailings may require special packaging and handling. Call factory with specific countries involved and quantities.
  • Standard address label size we use is 3 1/2” x 1”.


If The Chest is handling your mailing, the correct indicia must be incorporated into artwork. We can drop it into your art or it can be downloaded at www.chestinc.com for you to incorporate.

3-5 Day

First Class
U.S. Postage

Washington, MO
Permit No. 298

First Class
Min. 200

2 Day Delivery to
Most Locations

U.S. Postage

Permit No. 298
Washington, MO

Priority Mail
Required For
Items Over
13 oz.

Up to 2 Weeks Delivery

U.S. Postage

Washington, MO
Permit No. 298

Mail A
(Third Class)
Min. 200
(Must be Presorted)

Placement of Mailing Information on Products.