Corrugated Boxes

Flute: Refers to the thickness and frequency of waves inside the corrugated material.

  • E-Flute: E-Flute is stocked white on both sides and is a thinner, finer flute. 
  • B-Flute: B-Flute is stocked white on one side and brown kraft on the other. It is a thicker and wider flute.

Both corrugated options are made of 60-70% recycled material and can be mailed/shipped. Other material variations are available - contact a Sales Associate for more info.

Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard refers to light weight material, similar to cardstock. This is recommended for point of sale items. Chipboard is stocked white on both sides.


Box Style/Box Options

Refers to the way in which the box closes.


How to Choose a Box Size

Dimensions are given as Length x Width x Height
Box dimensions on our site are internal to provide accurate sizing for packing materials and items you wish to ship.

Refer to the "Box Index" page for stock box sizes - click here to browse.

Box Dimensions Diagram.jpg

Box Style Options

Inside Tuck Box
- Lid tucks into box interior
- No dust flaps/side flaps
- Not recommended with insert trays

Inside Tuck Box.jpg

Outside Tuck Box
- Lid goes over front panel and tucks into sides
- Can have dust flaps on side of lid
- Works well with trays

Outside Tuck Box.jpg

Fold Above Box
- Similar to outside tuck, but lid rolls over with no "lock"
- Has shared hinge between backpanel and lid

- Works with trays, may be more risky to ship

Fold Above Box.jpg

Two Piece Box
- Box has two seperate pieces with no interlocking
- Not recommended for shipping

Two Piece Box

Protection & Presentation


Inexpensive padding for inserts that adds protection for packed items. Not recommended for easily breakable items but great for shirts, hats, metal tumblers, books, etc. Stock shred is available in brown kraft, black, red and white.

Corrugated Insert Tray
Corrugated insert trays are made of e-flute material, and can be customized to provide a snug fit to your items. Offers a clean and put together appearance and offers sturdy protection for your items. Can hold glass items.


Foam Tray
Recommended for any breakable items that will ship individually. Custom cut to fit your box and inserts, and can even be layered in trays or have plugs to protect delicate items from rattling. This is usually the most expensive of the tray options.

Imprint Types & Locations

Lid Only Imprint
Screenprinted lid imprint - cheaper than full coat, good for monotone logo art. Art must stay 1/4" away from edges of lid.

Full Coverage Imprint
Screenprint on all outside sides of the box. Inside print is available for select boxes with additional pricing.
Kraft material may effect final color.

Reverse Imprint
Full coverage screenprint with "reversed" image. This method uses the color of the underlying corrugate as a part of the art.
Note: Clear coat is NOT recommended for application to otherwise bare corrugate - clear coat that is not screened over a color will end up yellowing as it cures.

Spot Mount
Spot mounts are a cost efficient alternative to full 4CP printing. Mounts can go on most sides of a box, most common being the lid (inside and outside). Spot mounts can also be paired with screenprinting to achieve effects screenprinting alone cannot achieve (i.e. gradients, complex color combinations, etc).

Full Coverage 4CP/Offset
A fully digitally printed exterior for the box. Can include full inside printing at additional cost. Most expensive imprint option, but good for large orders that require complex patterns, print, or blended/gradient colors. Can be combined with spot mounts and screenprinting to mitigate cost.
Printing 4CP/Offset also requires a minimum of 1,000 pieces.


This includes (for us at The Chest) creating the box onsite, assembling and adding filler with already purchased and provided items. Items that go into the boxes MUST be sent to our company beforehand in order to take advantage of this service. The finished products will then be bulked shipped in order to later be handed out or shipped further to end customers.


Similar to assembly, but includes the additional element of distributing directly from us to end users. We can only offer this if we have made and assembled the box for the order. Orders may be drop shipped or individual shipped. All shipping is from factory in Washington, Missouri, which is central shipping point for all national programs. The Chest recommends foam trays for all glass/breakable items.

Submitted products require packing slips to confirm quantity received. Should packages not contain items as represented on the packing slip or have damaged/defective products, The Chest will not have final counts until the completion of your assembled order. All inserts are required five days prior to shipment. Pricing is based on products being submitted ready for insertion. Any unpacking or special handling can result in additional labor costs. Corrugate trays are not recommended for breakable products. Shred is available in black, red, white and kraft for a economical filler for non-breakable items.


Combination of promotional materials, filler/tray, and box that create a unified experience. Kitting is done before the item is finally shipped to the end user. This usually comes at an additional cost, but is more convenient for trying to sort, pack and ship large quantities of promo items.

Wraps the box in a thin envelope of plastic to protect box from accidental tears or ripping during the shipping process if being shipped individually. The Chest can provide shrinkwrapping only if we are also kitting/packing the order in-house.