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Corrugated Boxes

Flute: Refers to the thickness and number of ripples inside the corrugated material.

  • E-Flute: E-Flute is stocked white on both sides and is a thinner, finer flute. 
  • B-Flute: B-Flute is stocked white on one side and brown kraft on the other. It is a thicker and wider flute.

Both corrugated options are made of 60-70% recycled material. Other material variations are available on custom packaging and is best to call a Customer Service Representative.  

Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard is light weight and used mostly for point of purchase, collection boxes and items that conform to the package. Chipboard is stocked white on both sides. 

Box Style

Refers to the way in which the box closes.

Inside Tuck Box

Inside Tuck Box.jpg

Outside Tuck Box

Outside Tuck Box.jpg

Fold Above Box

Fold Above Box.jpg


Dimensions are given as Length x Width x Height


Box Dimensions Diagram.jpg