Corrugated Boxes

Flute: Refers to the thickness and number of ripples inside the corrugated material.

  • E-Flute: E-Flute is stocked white on both sides and is a thinner, finer flute. 
  • B-Flute: B-Flute is stocked white on one side and brown kraft on the other. It is a thicker and wider flute.

Both corrugated options are made of 60-70% recycled material. Other material variations are available on custom packaging and is best to call a Customer Service Representative.  

Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard is light weight and used mostly for point of purchase, collection boxes and items that conform to the package. Chipboard is stocked white on both sides. 

Box Style

Refers to the way in which the box closes.

Box Options
Select a Box

    • That will best fit the inserts going into the box. See box dimension page on our website.

Inside Tuck Box

Inside Tuck Box.jpg

Outside Tuck Box

Outside Tuck Box.jpg

Fold Above Box

Fold Above Box.jpg


2 Piece Box

Two Piece Box


Dimensions are given as Length x Width x Height

Box Dimensions Diagram.jpg

Protect & Display

                                            Stock Shred Color
    • Shreds - Inexpensive way to pack your inserts. Shred adds
protection and looks without the cost of a
 custom tray.
Shred is available in brown craft, black, red and white.


    • Corrugated Insert Tray - Corrugated insert trays are
made of e-flute corrugate. Each tray can be customized to

fit your box and insert to offer protection at a less expensive
coast than a foam tray.


    • Foam Tray - The ultimate in product protection and presentation.Charcoal foam insert trays
offer a polished look and unsurpassed protection for your inserted products. Foam trays are custom
cut to fit your box and individual items

Decoration & Branding


    • Spot Mount: Spot mounting is a great alternative when you do not have the budget for full wrap four color
       offset printing. A digitally printed four color process spot mount label is merged to any flat surface of the
       box.To achieve more color, the box may be screened full coverage prior to the application of the spot mount
       label. While offset printing is a variable option at 1,000 quantity, spot mounting may be accomplished with as
       few as 100 pieces.


• Shrinkwrapping: An economical way to protect your box in transit,
either through the Postal Service, Federal Express or UPS when being sent
out individually. Assembly of boxes and insertion of customer's products

would need to take place at The Chest when shrink wrapping is provided.

Imprint Types & Locations

• Full Coverage 4CP/Offset: Printing requires a minimum of 1,000 pieces.

• Lid Only Imprint: As the name states, imprint can only be on the lid of the box. Which makes this type of imprint a more economical Choice. Note: Art must stay 1/4" away from edges of lid

• Full Coverage Screenprint Imprint: There can be imprint on all six sides of the box.

    • Have your inserts shipped directly to The Chest where we can assemble the box & insert submitted

    • Let the experience staff and factory at The Chest handle the fulfillment of your packages. Provide your
       inserts and individual or drop ship list. Let the experts on mailing/individually shipping/drop shipments and
       international destinations handle your fulfillment. This does allow the packaging to occur immediately after
       boxes are die cut and have your project on its way in an expedient fashion.